sâmbătă, 1 mai 2010

The best exercises and tips you've ever done/gotten

"Hellooo everyone!

Have been training in aikido for almost four years now, and in stead of things getting better, it only seems to get harder and harder (the "progress" that I feel like I should be making doesn't feel very much like actual progress ). Now, I know I'm not only a newb in here, but still a beginner in this wonderful art as well, but even now I'm glad to say that it has only made my desire to get better and to take things to the "next level" stronger. And that's why I'm here. ^^

So my question is, just as the title says: what are the very best exercises or drills that you've ever done to get better at aikido (whether they be on or off the mat, or solo or partner ones), and what are the very best tips or pieces of advice that you've ever gotten?

Looking forward to hearing from you folks."