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Grab my wrist; no, really!

O explicatie foarte buna pentru "prinderea mâinii partenerului" :

One of the big problems people seem to have with Aikido is all the wrist grabbing. It seems silly and unnecessary if you come from a sport martial art school. If you’re into RBMA (reality based martial arts) then it seems only mildly useful, and only in self defense situations. Punching and kicking seem reasonable, headlocks, body to body clinching, these things are what martial arts should be about, right…

The biggest problem our martial art faces today, in terms of our ability to develop (as individuals and as a whole), is understanding what we are doing and why. There is so much confusion in our community as to what we are doing. Why do we practice such strange techniques? How does our system even work in a martial context?

Even if you are not interested in martial questions directly, this should be important to you. So you’ve never been in a fight, and don’t ever expect to be. You’re probably right, if you are a reasonable person, it’s unlikely that you will ever get into a fight. However even if you were never put in a position to “use” your martial arts training, this question is important to you. Not because of your ability to “use” Aikido outside of the dojo, but because of your ability to “use” Aikido inside of the dojo!

Your personal growth as a martial artist depends on you understanding what it is that you are doing when you train Aikido. How these things should work and why. Not because you plan to Judo chop, or rather Aikido chop some evildoer, but because you are a martial artist. You spend your valuable time training in the martial arts, you have already made the choice, for whatever reason, to understand it’s martial ideals, even if you never plan to “use” it.

So why would anyone grab your wrist? Maybe they grab your wrist to pull you somewhere, or to put you in something. While some Aikido techniques may come in handy for this, usually it’s not important to the attacker that he be grabbing your wrist in these situations. He could just as likely be grabbing your hair, shirt, leg or whatever he can easily grab in order to drag you off to where he wants you. Aikido does have grabs from other place’s like collar and cuff, but wrist grabbing are heavily emphasized in Aikido forms.

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