duminică, 29 august 2010

Donovan Waite - Aikido Ukemi - vol 1

Donovan Waite - Aikido Ukemi - vol 1

The ability to go safely to the ground is one of the most important skills of self-defense. It is essential for students of Aikido, who spend half their practice time being thrown forcefully to the mat. On this video, Donovan Waite Sensei demonstrates his own system of falling -- a system based on seven techniques ranging from standard Aikido rolls to knee-saving side falls and spectacular back drops. In all these falls, Waite Sensei meets the mat softly, not with percussion. After illustrating and discussing the details of the seven falls, Waite Sensei offers progressively structured exercises that allow students of all levels to move toward mastery of falling safely and at their own rates. A large step forward in the development o falling technique, the system presented here should interest students of Aikido, people in other martial arts, and others concerned with developing a friendly relationship to the ground.


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