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The Way of Harmony & The Business of Living - RICHARD MOON

The Way of Harmony & The Business of Living:
A Mind-Body Approach to Extraordinarily Effective Human Action.

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Richard Moon, 5th degree Black Belt, began his career in martial arts by studying Shotokan Karate, Kenpo, and Kung Fu under various teachers. In 1971 he began his study of Aikido under Sensei Robert Nadeau. Richard is the founder and head instructor of Aikido of Marin. Founder of The Listening Institute specializing in creativity and communications, Richard is also a partner in the Quantum Edge, a consulting firm specializing in master coaching for executives and their teams. A skilled mediator and facilitator, he leads training in negotiation, sales, peak performance, team process, and communication. Richard also has in-depth experience in music, dance and various forms of Yoga.

Did you ever wish you had a prescription, a formula, a way of
functioning with greater authenticity and effectiveness? I believe everyone
wants to contribute something to the world, whether it’s our ideas, our energy
or our listening. It is a human desire to contribute and receive value. We
would like to do it well. No one wants to do it poorly. Every one of us would
like our contribution to count. Our desire to be effective is in service of that

Fundamentally people experience creativity as enjoyable and conflict as
stressful. The art of Aikido means aligning with, and tapping into, the
creativity of the universe. The founder of Aikido also called it the Art of
Peace. Peace describes a time when our attention is focused on what we are
drawn to, on what interests us, on what we want. When we fight we are
resisting something. War describes a state where we fight against what we do
not want. Our energies go to opposing that which we fear.

Our interests make it apparent where we would like to focus our
energies. Yet somehow we get caught up in wars and fighting. Without
realizing how we got there, we use our energies to attack and defend rather
than to create. Fear and aggression are so pervasive we struggle within
ourselves as well as fighting with each other. Not just the big fears but also
the small fears like not having enough time for ourselves and each other color
our daily lives. This happens without our noticing the power of these subtle
influences on how we expend our energy.

We need a technology to resolve the war within so that we can stop
projecting our inner struggles outward. It must be simple so everyone can use
it. If this technology were effective, it would resolve the inner conflict and the
external struggles as well. Such a technology would enable us to use all the
energy available to create a beautiful world.

What if we were to pursue peace as intensely as we wage war?
The three easy lessons for the business of living are the most essential
principles that I have distilled from my study of Aikido. The lessons are
based on three distinctions. The first is how we participate in creating our
state of being, the attitude through which we approach our life. The second is
how our attitude participates in creating our relationships, which in turn affect
our ability to contribute to situations and other people. The third is how our
contribution participates in creating the world.

The study and practice of these distinctions enhances one’s ability to
contribute what each of us brings to the world to produce the greatest benefit.
I have stated them as simply as I am able. You must translate them into your
own understanding for them to have meaning in your life. You must practice
them for them to have value. Paying attention to distinctions develops
awareness, as exercising muscles develops physical strength. Skill is
developed through the practice of applying these distinctions to how we create
our lives. The lessons give us techniques to help us in that study.
In a world of diversity, complexity and distraction, the ability to operate
authentically becomes increasingly valuable. The power of Aikido enables us
to connect with what is essential and true for our growth and development
while contributing the uniqueness of our gifts to the world. The principles of
Aikido, when practiced, empower each of us to complete our bestowed

We live in the world but understand so little of the effects of our
participation in creating what we experience? The three easy lessons offer
basic distinctions and fundamental skills that powerfully influence the
business of living. I use the term the ‘business of living’ to imply all the
realms that matter to us in our lives, commerce, science, education, spiritual
development, family and personal relationships.

Life In Three Easy Lessons In One Easy Page

I. Perceive
Breathe, Sense and Feel
Open your Attention

II. Align
Adjust To Changes In The Wind
Unify with the situation as it unfolds.

III. Discover
Learning without end
Share in growing and learning together.

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  2. "Richard Moon is a student of Robert Nadeau. I have downloaded the books and find them very worthwhile. Many quotes of O'Sensei's in a marvelously spun web. Truly insightful, philosophical, based on principle.

    Over the past 15+ years he has been a personal coach to several CEOs in the business arena including such high tech start ups as Cellular One, McCaw Cellular Communications, Nextel Communications and Internet Connect. In addition to personal performance coaching he has facilitated strategy development, team building and problem solving process for the executive teams.