miercuri, 4 noiembrie 2009

Aikido the Coordination of Mind and Body - Koichi Tohei

"Remember, always that you live under the protection of some mysterious force of nature..... Therefore true self-defence does not stop with defending yourself against others, but strives to make oneself worthy of defence by nature herself. ... Budo respects the principles of nature... True self-defence must be in consonance with the harmony of nature... When man observes the harmonious principles of nature, he helps to make them the principles of humanity because they are directed towards the good of humanity... True self defence must be in accord to the will of God.. One who whole heartedly practices this will have learned true self-defence."

Book Review : http://www.aikidojournal.com/bibliography_details?id=169

Book Download: http://www.scribd.com/doc/8094575/Aikido-The-Coordination-of-Mind-and-Body

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