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KI Development - Pietro Yuji Maida sensei

KI Development

Our goal is to see more clearly, our actions , reactions, motivations,
expectations, goals and hopes. Using these tools we can more clearly
see situations and be able to deal with them in a more balanced, re-
laxed way. This also allows us to make better choices.

We are introducing a method of “Self Inspection” which allows us to see our actions and motivations more clearly. We use the term “Ki” in this program for our intent or commitment. When our Ki is focused (or extended) and we commit our whole body to action, we can ac-
complish much more than just a thought and movement. We call this moving with mind and body coordination and it refers to our intent and action. Thought or plans are not really intent. How many times have we thought we did something or planned to do it? Without the
“intent” it is hard to put our plans into reality. Movement itself is not action. Looking busy does not really get the job done.

About the Author:

Pietro Yuji Maida sensei
is a senior student of Koichi Tohei (founder of Ki Society).
It was Tohei sensei who fi rst brought the Martial Art of Aikido to the USA and the world.in
1953. Maida Sensei began his Aikido training as an uchi deshi (live in apprentice) of Hideki
Shiohira Sensei in 1974. He was sent to Japan in About the Author
1977 to continue his apprenticeship with Tohei Sensei. He has extensive experience in Rinzai Zen meditation (as a student of Tanouye Tenshin Rotaishi), Japanese Swordsmanship (under Takahashi Eiichi), and Zen-Bodytherapy ® (with Willliam “Dub” Leigh). Maida sensei has spent a number of years living in Japan studying Aikido, Zen and other traditional cultural arts. Upon his return to the U.S. in 1982 he became a professional Aikido instructor. Maida sensei returns to
Japan a few times each year to renew and update his knowledge. He is presently the Chief Instructor of the Northern California Ki Society, holds the rank of 7th dan and is one of the few full- time professional instructors representing Ki Society in the United States. He continues to train under the direct guidance of Tohei Sensei in Japan, Kashiwaya Sensei (Chief Instructor of
Ki Aikido USA), and other senior instructors of Ki Society.

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