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Let Every Breath…

Let Every Breath…

Breathing is the key of everything

"Let Every Breath…" presents both the spiritual and cultural background story of Systema Breathing method, and most importantly, it puts the method into your own hands. From the foundational exercises taught in this book, you can hand-craft your own personal program of literally endless combinations of breathwork patterns and the unique physical framework which embodies them. You'll feel the spiritual profundity of the settings, stories, and interviews fueling your enthusiasms to begin the direct mastery of your own secret breath power.

Vladimir Vasiliev teaches us: "The Russian word for 'air' is 'vozdooh'. It literally means 'a heap of spirit'. This helps us understand that if you learn to inhale not only air, but to gather the Spirit, that's when you are really alive."

Learn to master and change your whole world by this practice - Inhaling pure spirit - as taught in our revolutionary new book "Let Every Breath…"

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Add reps with Russian breathing techniques

By Nate Morrison - Special to the Times
The failure point -- we've all been there. When you find yourself falling short of that last rep or two or three, your breathing could be to blame. Two solutions from our former Cold War rivals in Russia can make all the difference.

• High-tension power breathing. Imagine you're in the front leaning rest position and you need one or two more push-ups to max out your physical-fitness test, but your arms are trembling and your will to continue is breaking. Here's what you do:

Inhale as you descend while bracing your abs, as if for a punch, and squeezing your glutes. Grip the ground and try to turn your hands outward. Then, exhale under pressure during the upward portion of the movement so your breath makes a loud hissing sound. Imagine that your breath is like a hydraulic pump doing the work for you.

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Systema: Principles of the Russian Martial Art

If someone had told me a few years ago that out of a western Christian tradition would come a martial art as deep, sophisticated and evolved as the best of the oriental arts I would not have believed them. Yet there is such an art coming out of the ancient Russian culture with deep roots in the Russian Orthodox monasteries. At its root in the present day is an exceptional man, Mikhail Ryabko. Trained by one of Stalin’s Falcons from the age of five and beginning his operational career in the Russian Spetsnaz (Special Forces) at the age of 15, Mikhail Ryabko was not only given the secrets of this ancient art, he was put in the position of repeatedly applying both the art and its principles in life and death combat on, what for much of his early life, was a day-to-day basis. This System, taught by Mikhail Ryabko, is not a shadow of what once was, it is a living practical art that even now is being applied by warriors in combat. When working with Mikhail and his foremost student, Vladimir Vasiliev, one is struck by the calm depth of these men. Enormous knowledge and ability taught with calm, deep conviction.

The heart of Systema is its operating system. Techniques do not define the art, in fact, techniques per se are not taught. To make the most of Systema the mind/body must be free to do whatever is necessary, and not be limited by trained techniques. Techniques create a box, limiting the individuals ability to problem solve. By operating system I mean the manner in which human physiology and psychology access physical reality according to both a classical Newtonian and quantum physics understanding of universe reality. It is this operating system that opens the door to a whole new world. When Vladimir was told at one seminar “You are very flexible, he replied, “No, I am free.” It is this very freedom, this giving up of ego, that gives back so much. This is because principle-based Systema conforms to the individual instead of requiring the individual to conform to it. Everyone’s expression of Systema is different. It is like you are taught how to paint and then you express yourself.

The Systema operating system as taught by Mikhail and Vladimir is a faith-based operating system. The process of giving up your ego-based personal power and having faith that things are the way that they should be forms the core of this art. Mikhail teaches that fear produces unnatural movement. It is only through faith—knowing that things are the way they are supposed to be—that we can be free of fear and move naturally. Faith is based on the fact that everything that we need to exist has been given to us. Most of those things that are essential to our existence we do not even think about. We tend to breath unconsciously even though oxygen transfer is the most important thing that takes place in our body. It is the seminal energy transfer from which all else becomes possible. As Mikhail says “You breath in when you are born and out when you die, in between is your life.” Gravity keeps the atmosphere which contains our oxygen and ourselves on the planet that supports our life. Electro-magnetism allows shape and form. All of these, and many other unseen forces work to our benefit, yet they are all gifts as we have nothing to do in determining them. We live by grace, whose meaning you may ponder for yourself. If you are further interested you might do some research in regards to strong anthropic principle and super-string theory. That which we view as solid and “real” does not last. Those energies that allow us life, that we cannot see, are more real than those “solid” objects that will all pass away.

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